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Product Information

Shower Flow Regulator

One third of the water we use is for showering but this device easily fits to your shower hose and regulates the flow of water without affecting the quality of your shower. This device is not suitable for electric or pumped showers.

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Shower Timer

This simple 5 minute timer helps make you aware of the time you spend in the shower. When you shower turn the timer over and get out when the sand runs out. The suction cup holds fast to any non-porous surface such as bathroom tiles.

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Water Saving Tap Inserts

The tap inserts work by introducing air into the flow reducing the amount of water and energy used. They are easy to fit to taps with a circular outlets and comes fit a fitting tool included.

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Universal Sink Plug

Ideal for any sink or bath with a leaky plug, avoiding the need to top up with water, Can be used in any plug in any fitting.

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Save A Flush Bag

The Save-a-flush is an effortless way to reduce water use in the bathroom. It’s a bag filled with crystals which you easily pop into your cistern. The crystals will then expand to save 1.2 litres of water every time you flush. Suitable for toilets with a handle cistern 7.5 litres or more capacity.

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Toilet Leak Detection Capsules

The dye tablets are used to identify leaks in a toilet that can waste water. Simply drop a tablet in the cistern and know in a few minutes if a repair needs to be made.

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Water Storing Gel

The water gel granules absorb water when the soil is watered and then release it back into the soil when the plants need it. They can be mixed in into the soil when planting hanging baskets, containers, window boxes, pots, flower beds etc.

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Water Stick

A simple solution to the problem of when to water your plants. Simply push it into the soil and look at the colour of the paper. Red means it needs a water, blue means your plant has enough water.

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Trigger Hose Gun

Using a hose to water your plants and borders can use a lot of water, especially if we have a long hot summer. The trigger on this hose gun makes it easier to turn on and off the water supply, helping to reduce wastage. It also offers multiple jets whether you are watering your hanging baskets or flower beds.

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